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Jan 17, 2013 4:00pm PST
and move this forward. >> president fong: thank you. peter strauss and any other speakers that i've called. >> good afternoon. peter strauss. i have a home at 79 pierce street. first of all, i really want to commend and thank mary brown and the staff for doing what i think is an excellent job in moving this to the state it is today, including the work on the mills act credit in particular, and trying to address some of the concerns of my neighbors. i've lived at 79 pierce for almost 30 years. right after i moved into thei n neighborhood, i immediately became aware of the architectural consistency of the victorines in our neighborhood. in fact this is a document we were talking about earlier. i quickly became aware of the 1987 preservation element of the master plan. one of the things included in that was a map of architecturally significant buildings in the city by the density per block and it turns out that this area around duboce park, including but not just limited to this proposed landmark district is really the largest concentration of architecturally significant victorines in the cit
Jan 18, 2013 4:00am PST
the commissioners were not cc'd. these property owners were lynn baker, dan proffero and peter strauss. the department is aware of a flier containing information inconsistent with information presented at public events and hearings and the department is available to answer or address any questions you may have about this. finally, based on staff analysis, the resolutions adopted by the hpc and the community input, the department recommends that the planning commission recommend designation as proposed -- to the board of supervisors. the draft resolution is included in your case report. following your review and comment, the department will forward the designation to the board of supervisors, with resolutions from both commissions. that concludes my presentation. and myself and my colleague, tim frye, preservation coordinator are available for questions. >> president fong: thank you. public comment on this item, i have a few speaker cards, jonathan goldberg, jason lonberg, john scham. bray, and david fix. >> good afternoon. my name is jason, i live at 56 pat tomorrowic street. i've live
Jan 25, 2013 5:00pm PST
that you can't be a part of the team. >> peter strauss. >> a lot of kids with disabilities have no muscle tone, finding physical expression is important for them. >> school districts that have seen cuts inside and outside of the classroom worry about what it will take to comply the san francisco school district says it needs time to analyze whether this changes anything. many schools have to cut some men's teams in order to pay for womens teams. this may have a similar impact on both men's and womens' sports. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 a report card you won't want your parents to see this, shows how california teachers are doing in the classroom. >> a simulator to learn about dangers of texting while driving. >> then aman demands police gave into to coax this exconfrom the roof of a home. >> in the accu-weather forecast center our afternoon goesing to be co >>> thook at this, a reminder wildlife lives around us. this rare picture of an adult male mountain lion taken near mount hamilton. a motion sensor camera captured it. jerry hill introduce aid bill requiring game wardens to
Jan 25, 2013 9:00pm PST
of a team. >>reporter: peter strauss coaches the san francisco little league baseball challenge division for kid with disability. >> a lot of kids with disabilities have low muscle tone so finding physical expression is particularly important to them. >>reporter: school districts that have seen tremendous cuts inside outside the class room worry about what it will take to comply. lee ann abc 7 news value of san francisco base twitter sky rocketed today. social media network will be worth 9 billion dollars now that the world largely east asset manager has invested in the company. black rock is spending 80 million for a little under 1% of twitter. company said to be preparing itself to go public very soon. yesterday twitter unveiled new app that lets users share video in the tweet. san francisco company acquired the video sharing service last fall. joyed are limited to 6 seconds or less. >>> increase in twitter evaluation as apple lost more than a third of the valley in 4 months. 66 about billion since wednesday results. yesterday the stock saw the biggest one day percentage drop sin
Jan 1, 2013 7:00am PST
on in town. first, it was glynn peters, he owns the newspaper. then biff anderson, postmaster and telegraph man combined. then max strauss, the hotel man. and a couple others, too. why it seems everybody important in kobe is getting shot. the sheriff's plum gone crazy. did you recognize the man who killed the judge? couldn't mistake him. it was butch cavendish. now, you chose who you're after cavendish? he must be doing these killing in kobe for a very special reason. yeah. but, why? most likely he wanted the murders to look like a local affair. i'm certain, jim, we'll upset his plans if you're not around to accept the blame for the judges death. that old silver mine of ours will be a perfect hideout for you. yes. it would. my cracky, i guess you're right, it would be best if i became scarce around here for a bit. i'll go on with you. that's fine. how's his knee, tonto? leg better now. good. help me put jim on silver's back. a few hours later, after tedio the lone ranger, jim and tonto, approached the sight of the secret silver mine. ♪ this is it, tonto. where mine? you don't see it do ya
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)